LEGO Star Wars

The Force Awakens


UI Art Style

It was evident from the early movie images and animatics I had the pleasure of seeing, Lucas Arts were going back to the roots as far as the graphical look was concerned. I opted to do the same thing for the game’s UI, with added LEGO.

Frontend Previs

I based the frontend UI on the star maps from the Resistance base and the planetary holomap that featured in the original trilogy (for the game save area.)

This gave the LEGO animators plenty of space to add the humour that you expect from the LEGO games.

The video shows the original concept previs I created and a capture of the final game.

HUD Design & In-game UI

Character & Vehicle HUD’s, in game button prompts, Mini games, charge meters, Boss health and many, many target reticles.

Exploring the HUD

As part of the game’s development I explored many different ways of showing in game instructions. I wanted to introduce more spacial HUD elements to LEGO games. Here’s just a couple of tests I did and some of the ones that made it into game.