The Incredibles


UI Art Style

The main inspiration for the UI started with the outro to the original Incredibles movie. Mid-Century modernism has a large influence on the aesthetic of the movies too, so I mixed the shapes of one with the animation style of the other and dropped in the final ingredient of LEGO.

These are my original concepts which may differ from the final version of the game but hopefully gives you an insight into how the game UI developed. 

Frontend Previs

The video shows the concept previs of the main menu UI followed by the final version that welcomes you to the game.

After I created the previs and the early concepts, I developed the main menu system. One major thing that changed during this phase was that Elastigirl was identified to play a much larger part in the movie. So the screen dedicated to her became the Main Menu.

With the help of the talented animation and character teams at TT we added the fun and frivolity of what people expect from a lego game.

HUB Map Concepts

Loosely based on Mr Incredibles hand held communicator device from the film, I used muted colours, a slight mottled effect and TV tuner noise transitions to give these screens the vintage technology aesthetic.

(These are my original concept mock ups which may slightly differ from the final release.)

Hub Map

The HUB Map screens also gives the player access to their game progress and the ability to “tune in” to the story levels through a simple icon lead tabbing system. As with pretty much all of the Lego games Ive worked on, this needed to work in split screen.

The Flat version of the map also doubles up as the mini map to the game HUB.