WipEout 2048


Intro Sequence

The opening FMV to the game shows the high octane history of Feisar, One of the most iconic racing teams from the WipEout series.

Motion Overlays

I storyboarded and created a number of motion graphic overlays to compliment this CG piece. Some of which were hand-drawn.

As part of the project I also explored historic Feisar logo’s looking at what the brand would look like in it early years.

Progression Canvas

Our brief for the UI was to create a touch user interface that enhanced the user experience and showcased some of the PS Vita’s main features. One of which was the back touch.

For the game’s progression system, I devised the grid canvas. Loosely based upon a pin desk toy, when the user touches the back touch screen, shapes raise up and drop down to form random patterns.
The main progression tiles raise up when they have been unlocked. It also reacts to the game’s music.

The video to the left is the initial previs concept and then a capture from the final game build.

Game Progression UI

The progression canvas made up a large part of the UI and was almost the center piece. After a lot of development and iteration, We made the main menu a bold, clean, Icon lead interface that sits above and links everything together.

We also introduced app like breadcrumbing to notify the player when new unlocks are available.