LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


Main Menu UI Concept Previs

To help present the idea to the Art & Game Directors. I produced 2 motion concepts showing how the menu would work on both PS VITA and the dual screen 3DS.

It also gave the UI team a chance to work out how to create the Main menu background sequence within the memory restraints of both devices. We used the parallax technique to create these character sequences. Dan Nuttall the Lead UI Artist on the project, created the final sequences.

The video shows both motion concepts and a recording from the final PS VITA version of the game.

Main Menu and Pause screen UI

In the opening sequence to Avengers Age Of Ultron, there’s a great slow motion sequence of all the heroes framed in action. I used this as the concept for the Main Menu.

The menu UI style is based on the Jarvis system from the films. (Extremely simplified to match the LEGO Aesthetic.)

The screens you see here are my original concept layouts and may have changed slightly during the game’s development. 

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