WipEout Fury


The Angry Side of
AG Racing!

As an update to WipEout HD we created an alternative colour scheme giving it a more angrier vibe but still in keeping with the wipEout aesthetic.

We worked with programmers to create a new frontend effect that was the brainchild of fellow UI artist Lee Wagner. The idea was to give the whole UI a glitchy backdrop, showing an AG ship dissolving. This would complement the UI that’s overlayed.

Fury UI Update

To the left is a capture from PS3 showing the updated UI flow. The “Campaign Flyers” you see were animated by a 3D animator after I supplied him with movie examples.

WipEout PS3 XMB Themes

As part of promoting WipEout HD and Fury, I worked with artists Rita Lynsley and Sebastian Bruckner to create themes for the Playstation 3 XMB. I re-designed the PS3's icons in the style of the game.

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